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About Us

ThinkSync’s mission is simple – we’re solely focused on improving our user’s mental wellness. Our platform takes a proactive approach that uses data and evidence-based tools to boost the overall well-being of the districts, teams, and communities that leverage our solution.

Our customers use the ThinkSync platform as an outlet for self-reflection and wellness monitoring. Also, to identify at-risk individuals who may otherwise slip through the cracks. In addition, we provide decision-makers with data-driven insights about their organization’s general well-being.

We’re committed to improving the lives of our users while continuously utilizing user feedback to improve our platform.

Together, we can create a brighter future for individuals and teams alike.

Why ThinkSync?

From Data to Action: The Current Reality of Mental Health in our Schools.

80% of students feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, and 50% have become so anxious they struggled with their studies.

In a survey, nearly 60% of teachers reported that their work was having a negative impact on their mental and physical health.

40% of students with diagnosable mental health conditions did not seek help due to concern about stigma

Meaningful insights that drive change

Our solution is the tool you and your team have been looking for when it comes to understanding the gaps in your district’s culture. Extensively designed to revolutionize your team’s well-being and drive success, the power of these data-driven insights create a culture that inspires collaboration, creativity, and growth for all.

A collaborative approach

Our Collaborative Care model cultivates a supportive space for personal and professional growth, allowing individuals to flourish. Our mission is to proactively ensure that effective mental health and wellness solutions are within everyone’s reach, paving the way for a brighter future.

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